Call for Special Issue on Rural Gifted Learners


Power, Place, Privilege, and Promising Practices

The purpose of this themed issue of Theory and Practice in Rural Education is to explore the ideas of power, place, privilege, and promising practices, as they relate to gifted learners in rural settings. Research and theoretical articles are invited, as well as practioner focused articles and digital project submissions. TPRE also accepts submissions in Spanish.

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Current Issue

Vol 9 No 2 (2019): Co-Teaching in Rural Contexts: Exploring Collaboration in the Classroom

The articles selected for this issue of Theory & Practice in Rural Education (TPRE) explore the use of co-teaching in ways that speak to the reorganization of resources, specifically teachers and staff, to meet the learning needs of all students; the effects of co-teaching on student learning within rural settings; and the adaptation of co-teaching within teacher education to prepare more collaborative novice teachers. This special issue includes articles reporting on encouraging research being done in rural classrooms, a case study of a distance education program’s creative use of co-teaching, as well as promising practices of co-teaching in teacher education. 

Published: 2019-10-13
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